Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the Artists

Robert H. Way, Watching (Pastured Cows)

This evening, the Cornish Colony Museum will host the inaugural event of the Cornish Colony Artists' Guild. The Artists' Guild continues the artistic tradition of the Cornish Colony by promoting artists, authors, performers, musicians and other creative individuals who are continuing the artistic spirit of the Colony.

This evening, five artists will be inducted into the Cornish Colony Artists' Guild: Jane R. Ashley, William B. Hoyt, Gary Milek, Lawrence J. Nowlan and Robert H. Way. Ms. Ashley, Mr. Hoyt, Mr. Milek and Mr. Nowlan are all exceptional local artists. Mr. Way is today active in North Carolina, and utilizes the distinctive technique of Cornish Colony artist Maxfield Parrish to create his paintings. The inspiration and influence of the Cornish Colony artists is evident in the works of all five of these talented artists, and it is a pleasure to welcome them into the Cornish Colony Artists' Guild as Founding Artist Members.

"Meet the Artists: The Cornish Colony Artists' Guild" will take place in the Cornish Colony Museum from 5:00pm to 7:00pm this evening (Saturday, July 3rd). A reception will accompany the viewing of the work of these artists and the presentation of the Guild certificates.